Grow With Us: AFC Welwyn Getting Involved with

07 Mar 2024

The team was delighted to head down to visit AFC Welwyn recently to see how important the money clubs can win from can be to local communities. 

Founded in March 2023, AFC Welwyn of the Spartan South Midlands League Division Two are about to celebrate their first anniversary. As with, this is their first season in non-league football and they are pro-actively embracing social media, new filming and editing technology and the many opportunities it now gives clubs to expand their supporter base and develop new income streams.
Having recently heard about, 40 of AFC Welwyn’s players and supporters are already registered to play The Ultimate Football Quiz. The club was founded by owner and player Tawhid Juneja and this week, he explained how they heard about

"It was actually through our film producer James Kilroy who was told about it. He put us all in touch and he’s pushed it out through our WhatsApp groups. I’m always very keen to get involved with anything that brings in new funding and I especially like innovative and original projects such as We’ve been having competitions between ourselves and even had an online quiz version on our YouTube channel and it’s great that we are now starting to enjoy some winnings and donations."
"Financial sustainability is key. We have all the usual revenue streams that we’ll be developing, such as gate money, bar and catering, merchandise and sponsorship, but we also want to develop new streams. We are looking at additional funding ideas such as a charity match or maybe we could partner with you for special live edition of The Ultimate Football Quiz at our club!"