What is and how can I get in touch? is a knowledge-based football quiz game that offers the chance to win prizes for yourself and your nominated non-league football team competing in English football levels 5 to 10.

From Monday February 19th 2024 there will be a different prize draw every day of the week. Each daily competition will be open for 7 days. Players can select which competition they enter. There is no limit on the number of competitions they can enter.

Points are earned for each correctly answered question. To add excitement, points awarded for correct answers are based on the difficulty level you select.

Each point won will represent the number of separate entries a player has in their selected competition. Individual winners will be randomly drawn on the next working day after the end of the competition and each winner’s amount will be divided equally between the players and their nominated club.

Each competition closes at the time specified on the competition page and any points accumulated will be reset to zero.

A percentage of all money paid to purchase Question Credits will be donated to the player’s nominated club, regardless of whether they answer the question correctly.

All players and their accumulated points will be listed on our leaderboard as a fun way of seeing who is answering the most correct questions each week and will therefore have the most entries in the prize draw. However, the leaderboard does not indicate who will win the randomly selected prizes in the draw.

You can get in touch with us via email:

Who can enter the competition?

All competitions are open to any individuals who are 18 years or older and live in the UK at the time they play.

Additionally, you cannot enter any competition if you are a close family member of any of our suppliers. This includes those providing services to ; those currently working for ; or those who have previously worked with or for .

How can I enter a competition?

To enter any competition on the 1000GBP website, you must be a registered user. Once registered, you need to add funds to your wallet in order to have Question Credits in your account to participate in the competition.

We provide 3 free Question Credits when you register, and you can purchase additional Question Credits as required.

How much does it cost to enter the Ultimate Football Quiz?

We have three different question packages:

The Play-Off Package cost £4.99 for 7 questions. This is £0.71 per question and 10% of this will be given to your chosen non-league club.

The Promotion package costs £10.99 for 18 questions. This is £0.61 per question and 20% of this will be given to your chosen non-league club.

The Champion Package costs £16.99 for 34 questions. This is £0.50 per question and 30% of this will be given to your chosen non-league club.

You can purchase question packages once you log into the website.

What is a Wallet and why do I have to add funds to participate in the quiz or buy a package?

Your wallet allows you to add money to your account balance. You can then use your wallet balance to purchase Question Credits. If you are a winner of any competition, we will transfer your winnings to your wallet so you can buy more Question Credits or withdraw the winnings directly to your bank account.

How do I withdraw money from my wallet?

To withdraw money from your wallet you will just need to submit a request from your account with your bank details. Our compliance team will verify your request and as soon as it is approved, we will initiate the transfer. It will take approximately 3 – 5 working days for the approval and transferring of the funds.

Is there a minimum amount for withdrawals?

Yes. There is a minimum amount of £5.00, which can be withdrawn.

How long does it take to withdraw money from my wallet?

Once the withdrawal request has been approved, it will take 3 – 5 working days for the money to transfer to your bank account. Sometimes, it may take longer depending on your bank.

Can I choose how much balance I wish to add to my wallet?

Yes, there is an option that enables you to enter amounts in addition to those specified. The minimum amount you can add is £5.

When I purchase a package of Question Credits, do I have to them all in the same competition?

No. You can use them whenever you wish. Question Credits do not expire.

How do I answer a football quiz question?

Select a category for your question and then set the difficulty level you wish to play for by choosing how fast you think you can answer the question. Click on the 'reveal your question' button to display one question and four possible answers. If you choose the correct answer within the time you selected you will be awarded points and be entered into the weekly prize draw.

How are the competition winners selected?

Each competition ends at 23.59 on the specified day. Each player will have accumulated points during the course of the competition and those are each converted to separate entries into the prize draw. The prize draw will be made on the next day after the specific competition has closed.

We use an independent specialist company to conduct all prize draws and they randomly select the winners of each competition from all the people who have correctly answered a question within the allocated time. Each individual player can only win one prize per competition.

All the winnings are equally divided between the player and their nominated non-league club.

How many people can win the £1000 prize?

There will be one main prize of £1000 each and every week but there are also 49 additional cash prizes which can be won each week. Check the prizes section on the competition page.

The prizes will be equally distributed between the player and their nominated non-league club.

How do I login or sign up to take part in ?

Click on “Login\Sign Up” on the top right corner of our website and follow the instructions.

Why do I have to enter my email address, phone number and current address details?

If you do not provide us with the correct details, you will not be able to receive notifications from us or claim your winnings.

Why have I been asked to nominate a local non-league football club?

We have created this exciting competition for football lovers and to support local non-league football clubs. If you win one of the weekly prizes, the amount you win will be divided between you and the non-league football club you have nominated.

What do I do if my local club is not listed?

We currently display non-league clubs who are playing in the English leagues in Levels 5 to 10. If, however, your club is not on our list, please email us at, and our compliance team will be more than happy to add your local club if they are eligible.

Can I change the non-league club I nominate?

Yes, you can change your nominated non-league club in the My Account Details section before participating in any competition. If, however, you have already entered that week’s competition then your existing nominated team will benefit from your participation and winnings and you will have to wait until the competition ends before you can change your nominated non-league club.

Will you be adding in options for clubs and players in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

Yes, that is our plan as we evolve and develop.

Do I have to be a regular supporter or season ticket holder of the non-league club I nominate?

No. Anyone can nominate a Level 5 to 10 non-league team from anywhere in England and for any reason.

Can supporters of teams in the English Premier League, Championship, League One or League Two take part in the 1000GBP football quiz?

Yes! We hope that football supporters of all teams will want to take part and enjoy our football quiz to try and win our weekly prizes. However, you must nominate a non-league team who will receive half of your winnings if you win in a weekly draw.

Can I use my free Question Credits to enter the competition?

Yes. You can use the free Question Credits as your first attempt at our football quiz and if you answer the question correctly you will be awarded points for your selected competitions.

What is the leaderboard?

The leaderboard displays each player's position based on the points that they have accumulated that week. All players are displayed in order, from highest to lowest (points greater than zero) but it is just for fun and information and is not in any way linked to the actual prizes. The positions on the leaderboard have no impact on the actual prize draw other than showing how many separate entries each player will have in the next draw.

At the end of each weekly 1000GBP competition the accumulated points will be converted to an equal number of entries into the prize draw.

The leaderboard will be reset after each competition ends every Sunday and although they will still be displayed, they will only reflect that week’s competition.

Can my nominated club win cash prizes?

All cash prizes are split equally between the user and their nominated non-league football club.

If I am a winner, do I have to share my winning amount with the club?

Yes, if you are the winner of any of the draws, your winnings will be divided equally between you and your nominated non-league club.

What happens if I am the winner of the one of the prizes?

If you are a winner of a weekly prize draw, our compliance team will validate your winnings and within 5 working days of the competition closing the amount will be credited to your account wallet.

If I win the £1000 prize or a bonus prize when will my nominated club receive their prize?

The winning amount will be added to your club’s wallet within 5 working days. They will have an option to withdraw the funds to their bank account. There is a limitation of withdrawal for non-league clubs of once every 30 days after the first withdrawal request with a minimum withdrawal amount of £25.00.

Is there a charge to list my local club on £

No, there is no charge to list your local club on our website. If you would like us to add your club, please contact us on