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Every pound we manage to raise is a step towards transforming lives and communities across the country through the power of football.

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Earn Points and Win Cash

Every correct answer in the quiz earns you points, accumulating throughout the competition. When the competition concludes, your total points are transformed into entries for the prize draw you choose, with each point equalling one entry. So, remember: more points mean more entries and greater chances to win!

The Ultimate Football Quiz Guide

Win £1000

Test your footballing knowledge against The Ultimate Football Quiz to collect points for every correct answer and be entered into our prize draws for a chance to win £1000 or one of our runner up cash prizes available every week, which are equally split between you and your club.

Supporting your local non-league club

And because is about supporting local football clubs, winnings are split equally between yourself and a local non-league club nominated by the winner.

The competitions

At the end of each competition, all points accumulated will be converted into entries, with one separate entry per point, and the draw will be made the following day.

Cash Prizes & Draw

Multiple lucky winners will be drawn randomly at the conclusion of each competition by an independent and transparent partner and the winning amounts will be split equally between the player and their nominated local non-league club.


Check out your own progress in each competition on our Leaderboard. Please note that our Leaderboards reset after each competition ends.

Donate to local club

And - regardless of whether you get the question right or wrong - part of all your entry fees will be donated to the local non-league football club that you have nominated.

congratulations to our

latest £1000 winner!

A Hanlon

08 Jul 2024
(01 Jul 2024 - 07 Jul 2024)