'A Fantastic Organisation' - Codicote FC Endorses

06 Mar 2024

Jim Bundy, Chairman of Codicote FC in the Spartan South Midland League, has explained why he is so excited that his club is in partnership with 

The Cod have already benefitted with a significant investment of money thanks to their players engaging in and playing The Ultimate Football Quiz on and this money is essential for running a club like Codicote who are right at the heart of their community. 

Budy went into further detail: "To some extent, if we think about our budget, our budget every season is about £12-13,000 just to run the Club - we do not pay the players. £500 is what we need to raise every week so that will pay for all of the home games, food, and everything, so £500 to our club at our level is fantastic. At other clubs, £500 might pay their centre forward but £500 will run our club for a week so it is fantastic news, really great."

"I played locally in Welwyn/Hatfield for teams much bigger than Codicote. I had a couple of years off when I was 21 or 22 and somebody introduced me to Codicote Football Club. I didn't even know where Codicote was, even though it was only about 8 miles from Welwyn Garden City where I was brought up! I came over here to a rag-tag bunch of lads playing in the North Herts League. I joined, enjoyed myself - socially in the village it's great. That was when I was 22 I started playing and from there I was playing and once my playing career finished at about 34, which was far too early, I then managed the team and from being player-manager and manager I advanced to being Chairman. I've probably been Chairman something like 25 or 30 years - since 2 I started and now I am 61 and have been involved with Codicote through thick and thin - and there has not been much thick! Luckily, this season we are playing well, doing ok, where we should be with a new manager and new players and it has been a really good season so far."

There's no doubt that Codicote FC is enjoying taking part in's competitions - click the link below to get involved now too!