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Superstar Saturday

This Competition started on Saturday, 06 Apr, 2024 at 16:00 and will end on Saturday, 13 Apr, 2024 at 12:00.
The Superstar Saturday Competition presents a prime opportunity to showcase your football knowledge and champion non-league football. Compete for a share of the £460 prize pool while contributing to the grassroots game. Up to 30% of the proceeds from your question package purchases will be donated to the non-league club of your choice. Additionally, all winnings are divided equally between players and their selected clubs, ensuring your participation makes a meaningful difference. This Saturday, play to score victories for both your team and the wider football community.



    For you Your club
1st Prize £400 £200 £200
2nd Prize £10 £5 £5
3rd Prize £10 £5 £5
4th Prize £10 £5 £5
5th Prize £10 £5 £5
6th Prize £10 £5 £5
7th Prize £10 £5 £5
*Prize is Split equaly between you and your chosen club
**Each individual player can be a winner of one prize only. 

This competition's winners will be revealed next Saturday (PM) through, an independent system that will randomly select 7 fortunate winners.

If you happen to be one of the winners, our compliance team will reach out to you using the contact details you provided during account registration. Your winnings will be promptly added to your Wallet Balance once the draw concludes.


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Every correct answer in the quiz earns you points, accumulating throughout the competition. When the competition concludes, your total points are transformed into entries for the prize draw you choose, with each point equaling one entry. So, remember: more points mean more entries and greater chances to win!

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